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Destination Wedding

 Our Story

They say there are 2 sides to every story so here’s our stories:


Nickelly's Version...

“Wassup with your pretty a**”. Rashaad’s first words to me during our senior year of high school. He would say those same words to me every time he saw me in the hallway and I would blush and go on my way. For an entire year it stayed that simple.

After high school we reconnected through Facebook. You can say "he slid in my DM's" & swept me off my feet with his sweet talk.

From Facebook to Oovoo (our FaceTime back then) to texts & calls, we stayed connected throughout college, planning & plotting to meet up with each other any time we could. From flights to Megabus trips, the distance between FL & VA, then NY & VA never seemed too far.

I fell in love with his character, persistence, & his inability to tell me “no”. He always knew what to do and what to say. He knew how to solve all my problems. Through it all, he’s been by my side, loving me for me. So here I am...We're getting married!

Rashaad's Version...

You know that old saying, “ Love at first sight.” Nickelly was mine! I didn’t act on things immediately when we met but I made sure my interest in her was always known (you know, in those highschool hallways).

Whether or not she shared those same feelings, I knew I was going to, “have me some you,” as I like to say. Eventually, I gathered up the courage to contact her and shoot my shot (yea, I slide in her DM’s after we graduated).

When we locked in, things went so well I couldnʼt see us not being together, it was evident. Being together made everything better and we would travel distances to do so if ever apart (she called me “Megabus King” because I was always on a bus on my way to see her).

No one has ever had my back like she does and I donʼt think anyone ever will. I have gained a true partner in life, my greatest accomplishment yet!


This is our truth,
The Lattas

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