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Ty Chiles

Romance Travel Specialist

Combining romance with the beauty of the Caribbean...

Ty is a travel specialist that combines love and romance with the beauty of the Caribbean.  Many of his clients are those who are celebrating a milestone or a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, engagement or vow renewal.  However, Ty also caters to those who simply enjoy celebrating life through travel.

Ty has a passion for working with couples in love.  His goal is to help people realize their dreams, then turn dreams into wonderful memories.  Ty believes nothing captures the essence of love like a couple embraced by the landscape, culture and people from various regions of the Caribbean.

Ty's destination focus is the beautiful Caribbean.  Why?  He absolutely loves the Caribbean – as far as the east is from the west.  Ty believes everyone needs inspiration to gain the most out of life and grow through different experiences.  The Caribbean is his inspiration which affords him the opportunity to offer his clients a grand travel experience.  Ty pays close attention to detail and incorporates this skill when working with couples to plan their personalized destination event of a lifetime.  You only get one shot at those milestones, so Ty will make it count with no regrets.

Ty works with his clients as a team.  They provide him with a GPS location of where they are and where they desire be.  With Ty's knowledge and experience, he generates a road map to show them how to reach their vacation destination.  Through teamwork, Ty offers and expects open communication to and from his clients to ensure everyone’s end goal is successfully met.

Ty has a style and approach that may not be for everyone.  This may seem crazy, but he does not want any and everybody as a client.  You and Ty must be a good fit for each other.  His heart’s desire is not to book you a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, yet, it is to hook you on this journey experience and travel together for a lifetime. Want to see what Ty can do to help you? Contact him today for a chat.

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